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Surf trips for beginners; where are the best surf spots?

Going on a surf trip as a beginner you have to look for waves that are appropriate for your ability. As a beginner surfer you are looking for waves which are easy to paddle into, allow you to stand up slowly and that will carry you for a long time.

Some great surf spots in the world for beginners surfers are located below:

Bryon Bay, Australia

Taghazout, Morocco

Bali, Indonesia

Sagres, Portugal

Hossegor, France


Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay is one of the best places in the world to book a surf trip for a beginner. There are two classic waves in Byron for the beginner surfer, The Pass and Watego’s beach. Both are long right hand point breaks which break in pristine blue water over a white sand bottom.

The perfect size to learn to surf at both The Pass and Watego’s is from 1-3 feet. Anything over this size then the waves can become a little harder to surf and the crowd factor increases. Best time of year to surf Byron is in March, when school holidays have finished and the water temperature is still super warm.

Taghazout, Morocco

While the biggest waves in Morocco are from October to March, the best time for beginner surfers to hit Morocco is over the summer months July-September. The water temperature is much warmer, the waves are smaller and a lot less crowded. The best places to learn to surf in Taghazout are Panorama beach, Croc beach, k17, Devils Rock beach and Banana beach.

Bali, Indonesia

While Bali is famous for its perfect left hand reef breaks, there are lot of perfect waves for beginners. You just have to keep an eye on the surf report and just make sure the swell is under 3 feet. Anything over 3 feet, leave to the Pro’s.

Places like Old Man’s in Canggu, Kuta Beach and Balangan Beach are great waves to learn to surf on and the water temperature is always over 26 degrees. The best time to surf Bali is in the dry season between March – September. This is when the wind is offshore on the west coast of Bali, where the majority of waves are located.

Sagres, Portugal

Sagres is a three hour drive south of the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, and the best time for a surf trip for a beginner is during the summer months of June- August, when the water is much warmer.

The area has a many perfect beach breaks to learn to surf at, with a host of surf schools ready to get you in the water. Situated at the most Western Point of mainland Europe, Sagres has many options depending on the swell and wind conditions, so you can always find the perfect wave for a beginner surfer.

Hossegor, France

Hossegor has long been the epi-centre of surfing in Europe. Close to the border with Spain (45 minute drive), Hossegor has some of the best beach breaks in the world to learn to surf at. The beaches stretch for miles and you can often find plenty of uncrowded waves if you know where to look.

Best time to visit Hossegor is in summer between June- September when the water temperature is warm and the waves are small and perfect for the beginner surfer.

If you are looking to book a surf trip for a beginner surfer then Hossegor hosts a large number of surf schools and on any given beach you will find  a school ready to get you surfing.


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