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surf trip tips with Nathan Hedge

Nathan Hedge has been surfing the world as a professional surfer for the last three decades. From the early age of 10, “Hog”, as his friends call him, has been competing against the best surfers in the world, gracing front covers and starring in many surf videos. He…

hawaii surf trip, the garden Isle

My older brother Jeff was the big wave guy, the gnarly tube rider. I was the daggy grommet, barely fit to surf Bondi. So how I came to be the one heading off surfing Hawaii – The Garden Isle (Kauai), in 1981, was more a tweak of circumstance…

pro surfer life

Life as a professional surfer has got to be one of the most blessed lives you can live. I know because I was lucky enough to be a professional surfer for over 13 years. My time on the pro circuit consisted of following the best waves around the…