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Man it’s getting cold!!

I just got out of the surf this afternoon and I swear the water temperature dropped like 10 degrees. I was in boardies this time last week, now I am dusting off my 4/3 wetsuit getting ready for the big southly change which is just about to smash up the coastline.

The weather report tonight was saying there should be snow up in the mountains and with the south-westly wind predicted to hit 40 knots, I know the wind chill factor is going to bring the temperature down below 5 degrees.

I am getting my gear ready for tomorrow, but finding it super hard to get motivated for the early when I know it’s going to be freezing and the surf is only a slight chance of being ok. Surfing in winter is a whole new ball game compared to summer, and I am not that into it.

If you are like me and surfing in warm water is way more enjoyable, all is not lost.

Check out my 5 best winter surf spots that will get you frothing like a grom again!

Keramas, Bali

If you are looking for a winter surf spot where you can test your aerial surfing and barrel riding, then Keramas is for you.

Located 40 minutes form the airport, this right hander which breaks from 2 to 8 feet, is great for both intermediate and experienced surfers.

Taking off on the main peak the wave offers a great barrel section before hitting the shallower section, where if you are Filipe Toledo or Julian Wilson, you can fly through the air like superman.

Pasta Point, Maldives

Are you a goofy footer looking for a super fun long left?

Want to do 10 turns per wave?

Then this winter surf spot in the Maldives should get you jumping on a plane tomorrow.

Pasta Point breaks for over 200 metres, offering a super easy takeoff with multiple sections all the way along the point. Perfect for the intermediate surfer and long boarder. Just make sure you book to stay on the island, otherwise you can not surf this amazing wave.

Restaurants, Fiji

I have surfed some of the best lefts in the world, but this wave has to be in my top 2. It’s mind blowing!

Breaking over a super shallow and sharp coral reef, this 300 metre long barrel is only suited to experienced surfers. Please don’t try this wave if you are a beginner or intermediate surfer, as one fall can cut you apart.

I have ridden barrels at Restaurants for over 10 seconds long, just sitting inside the barrel tripping out how perfect and beautiful this wave is.

This wave has to be my favorite winter surf spot.

Double Island Point, Australia

Rather stay within Australia? Then head north past Noosa to this super long right hand point, which is perfect for the beginner and intermediate surfer.

This winter surf spot provides rides up to 400 metres long and is better suited for longboards rather then shortboards. The wave rarely gets over 3 feet, and is quite slow and forgiving, which makes it perfect to learn to surf or log.

Drive your 4WD all the way along the beach, up to the end of the point, and park just metres from water. Setup for the day with your BBQ, boards and shade and enjoy a classic Aussie beach day.

Lagundri Bay, Nias, Indonesia

This famous wave located on the island of Nias in Northern Indonesia, is the perfect winter surf spot if you are looking for barrelling right handers.

More suited to the experienced surfer, this right which holds anything from 3 to 15 feet, offers a 150 metre ride which is basically only a barrel section, unless the waves are under 4 feet.

With only one real takeoff spot, it can get crowded, but pick the right time to surf and you are going score some serious pits.

Looking for more options to escape the winter blues? Check THIS local’s guide on the best surf spots in Byron Bay.


My travels as a professional surfer have taken me from my little home on the South Coast of N.S.W, Australia to over 40+ countries worldwide and counting. Surfing some of the most famous and remote waves in the world. I have had many highlights in my career, winning Australian titles, coming 5th on the ASP ( now known as the WSL) World Tour in 2005, numerous wins and finals, and beating some of the best surfers in the world including Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning and Andy Irons. Surfing and traveling is all I have known since I was 13 years old.

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