4 Amazing Waves From Namibia

This week we take a look at the recent swell that hit Skeleton Bay in Namibia.

We scanned Instagram and found 4 amazing clips you must watch!

1. Koa Smith

2. Brett Barley

3. Andre Botha

Just got back from Skeleton Bay at 1 am last night. I really wanted to share this clip on International Surfing Day but couldn’t get it out while being on the road without internet. This wave was filmed at about 11:30am on Friday morning. We got to Skeleton Bay at 6am in the dark that morning, with clear skies it was gonna be a killer sunrise without the usual fog. As soon as first light hit we could see the sets rolling in and draining off the bank. I jumped on the opportunity to use a new back pole mount for my GoPro and capture a different angle. The back mount is a lot more difficult and invasive than a mouth piece, duck diving and catching waves is challenging. I managed to get into position for a couple smokers and got a handful of deep tubes with the beautiful orange and pink sky peaking at me from the pit. At about 9am my GoPro battery was running low, at that stage I got a bit greedy and figured let me get one more with the tail mount and than change batteries and use my mouth piece. I stroked into a set and the thing bottomed out, I basically nose dived like someone right out of kook slams, my legs went over my head and did full scorpion style. I came up amazed and totally surprised that I didn’t get seriously hurt but that’s when I realized that my pole and GoPro was gone baby gone. Frantically I looked all around, no where to be seen. Instantly I was met with a force of disappointment, all my morning’s clips of epic sunrise tubes seen from behind were lost at sea. I would have to start again. I picked myself up and spirited to the 4×4, grabbed my back up GoPro and mouth mount. By this stage it was about 10am and with a sense of urgency the next hour or so I got myself into some real kegs and was on happy high that I turned the situation around. At this stage being a bit more calm I thought lemme just check out my settings on the GoPro, as I was in such a rush after losing one that I didn’t even check the backup GoPro settings. Sure enough I had the GoPro on the wrong setting, devastation as another big part of the morning was pretty much lost. (Continued in Comments.)

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4. Oliver Kurtz

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